International Champagne Day

International Champagne Day. October 21. Lock it in your memory. It’s an important day! 

I started with a glass of Jansz (as good as it gets at the bar across the road from work) with my lunch. I rounded up a bunch of the office ladies to enjoy some bubbles. 

In the afternoon I visited my friend Ka Lel and while she got ready for a ball we indulged in a bottle of Veuve. Rude not to have nice champagne on champagne day, right?! 

Brisbane business’s really need to capitalise on it! I would have loved a champagne evening somewhere and I can imagine people would flock to enjoy it. The digital side of it would be huge on its own, sales would soar… you’re welcome for the heads up bars & restaurants! 

Morning After, West End

I’ve been meaning to visit Morning After in West End, Brisbane, since it opened… about a year or so ago!

I did attempt to go once but the lines were long and… well I don’t like waiting, so I left.

It was well worth the wait.

I had heard about their breakfast carbonara, making it an easy choice off the menu. I can spend forever looking at menus.

The papardelle was cooked just how it should be, the 63 degree hens eggs were amazing and the field mushrooms, guanciale & pecorino romano finished it all off perfectly.

With it I had the Green juice. Kale, apple, celery, lemon, mint & ginger. And then a soy chai latte to finish it all off!

My friend, Daran, said his smashed avo was perfect too.

To make things even better, they also support local producers.

Great start to the day!

Morning After Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

A day in the life of a shrub

A guest blog from my dear friend, Lisa...

I have had an epiphany…. it’s going to blow your mind …. take a seat and strap yourselves in cuz this one’s a doozy.

So I’ve been dating a lovely young fellow for the past 3 months and it is all going swimmingly. But around this time of the, shall we say, “interaction”, your couple friends start to ask the age old question ….

“Have you had the chat yet? Is it official?”

And my answer is “Well of course bloody not, I don’t want a man sized hole in my door ! I’d like to keep him around for a little longer thanks !”

And that’s when they give me the “look”. Part sympathy, part “the wheel is turning but the hamsters dead,” sort of look like I AM A NUTTER.

Listen folks…. I get it…. in the perfect world when men didn’t have access to Tinder and its never ending supply of slaggy mac slaggisons it would be a good time to sit someone down who you like and talk about your feelings… or some shit like that.

But in the REAL WORLD … where I currently reside … it is not so simple…. and here comes my epiphany.

I just had yet another similar discussion with my couple friend and she asked me the question why? Why do you think that way? Why can’t you just be honest with the person you’re with? I don’t understand.

And I gave her this little juicy morsel….

Because men… are like a delicate little flower. And these flowers… need water to survive… but if you give them too much water …they will drown. Instead, they need to be nurtured… bit by bit, day by day… little by little.. and given just enough for them to grow big and strong – until they’re the size of a bloody willow and they didn’t actually notice you’ve given them more and more water until they’re drinking down a trough – but by then its too late and they can’t live without it.

And my friend was like…… ‘ohhhhhhhhhhhhh I get it now’

So you see kids?! Us women need to be subtle creatures of the night … slowly but surely luring our men into a false sense of security before they relinquish their freedom. It’s a sad state of events but in the new world of easily accessible punani, one must do what one must to survive in this cruel world.

I miss the good old days where men were more like cactus’s …. just grateful to have water within a 100 m radius of them. … but alas… those golden years are gone.

And although it sounds a bit mad… we woman must dance our little ninja water dance until our selected flower is big and strong….. but until that day… my single ladies .. I suggest you buy a good set of pruners and some sturdy gardening gloves, as you’ll be at it for a while.

xxx Lisa


Miami Memories 

This morning I went for a walk in some pants I hadn’t worn for a long time and they bought back this hilarious memory I have from when I was visiting Miami a few years ago. 

I’d just finished a big organised tour from Washington which ended in Miami, so I stayed on a few more days to recouperate… and by recouperate, I mean drink all the strawberry coladas I could get my hands on. 

Anyway I thought I’d get some exercise in as I hadn’t done any for some time. I headed into town and bought the pants in the pic above, along with the matching crop. 

Being in Miami gave me some false confidence so I went for a jog with just the crop and pants on, my midriff out for all the Art Deco tourists and Muscle Beach boys to see.

Not long into my run a man stopped me. He said ‘girl watcha running for? You damn fine just the way you are! Go on home now!’ … so I did. 

I took that man’s random compliment, laughed the whole way back to my hotel and ordered some more ceviche and a strawberry colada. 

And that incident, is one of the many reasons why I love America. The random and empowering encounters you have there make me feel happy and bemused. 

Have a happy Thursday friends! x

Hank’s Burgers – Uber Eats

I was super excited to try Uber Eats as it launched in Brisbane today! 

My flatmate, David, chose Hank’s Burgers and we both went for a Kentucky Burger – spicy crispy fried chicken, bacon, lettuce, American cheese, mayo and smokey BBQ. 

I was uber (see what I did there) excited for our burgers to arrive but unfortunately our order was picked up by a bike (thought Uber Eats would be cars?) and the delivery time went right up. I get hangry at the best of times. 

Anyway the burger arrived and while it wasn’t hot (meh, I’ll survive), it wasn’t spicy or crispy. And I am disappointed. 

While I will give Uber Eats another go, I won’t go back to Hank’s Burgers. 

Time to try Ze Pickle! 

Seville to Granada

We changed our bus to an earlier one from Seville to Granada as we had done most of what we wanted there. Luckily it was an easy exercise. 
In Granada we had booked a really cute hostel which was more like a BnB. Decorated modernly, a lift (thank god) and an awesome view with a great location. 

We checked out the area, grabbed some tapas for lunch then hit the Hammam, an Arabic spa right in Granada. For 40€ we had a 2hr soak and 15 minute massage. There’s a lot of tradition in the baths, you don’t wear shoes, drink tea and shower before you get in. You start in the medium temp pool before moving to the hot, really hot, steam room, throw cool water over yourself from a bowl then jump in the ice bath and start all over again. 

It was really like stepping back in time. Stunning rooms, like being in an underground cave with strategic patterns on the roof to let in a small amount of mood lighting to compliment the candles everywhere. There’s tea in many corners, pepperminty and sweet. I felt a little like a roman princess. 

I felt completely relaxed and blissed out. I chose pomegranate oil for my massage and the lady soothed away my aches and pains. Highly recommend if you’re in the area. I had to take pics from Google, you can’t use your phone in there. 

We did some shopping, had a snack of ceviche (amazing to have fresh, raw food again) then went back to get ready for our Flamenco booking.

Venta El Gallo picked us up, took us out to a the caves where the gypsies live and led us in. Inside we had a beverage and watched 3 beautiful flamenco dancers, two singers and a guitarist dance/ sing / play with passion and emotion. Very cool experience. 

We stopped at the bar outside our hotel and that the most fantastic food. Gemma had a smoked salmon salad, I had a tuna tataki salad and we shared some exceptionally tender beef. Beautiful meal washed down with a few wines. 

A lovely man bought us a rose each and made some light convo in Spanish / English before returning to his smoke. 

Back up in our room we ripped off some of the petals and threw them around like true romantics – ha!


We made it inside the Cathedral, the 3rd biggest in the world after St Peters and St Pauls (of which I’ve visited both), another beautiful piece of architecture. We looked around with our audio guides (which were very thorough / boring) and walked up to the top tower to the lookout. Gem nearly crapped herself when one of the giant bells went off over her head! The crown there has the second largest pearl in the world.

From there we got lost walking to Plaza de España, where Star Wars was filmed. It’s a big U shaped building with stunning mosaics all around. I was exhausted and in a silly mood, we took some funny pics around the place! 

Lunch time on the river (decidedly average tapas) then into the bull ring! Unfortunately there was no bull fighting on for another month, I would have loved to visit. We signed up for the next guided tour and was taken around the stadium which is the oldest in the world still in use. It’s privately owned and absolutely stunning. There’s a hospital, a museum and the grounds are the brightest yellow/ orange sand you’ve seen!

We learnt about the history of bullfighting and the toros (Bulls), little things like the ear of a bull is cut off as a trophy if the fight goes well and if it goes really well both the ears and tail are cut! Also the best ending for a bull fight is when there is a great bull and fighter who put on an incredible show and the judges wave a yellow flag, signalling to finish the fight with no death. The bull is then taken off to make little toros and treated like a king and the fighter is held in highest regard. Everyone wins. 

Interestingly the Bulls only ever fight once and when they die, their meat goes to the local restaurants to be made into yummy tapas. Lots of the restaurants have bull heads on their walls, I wish I could have visited a stud farm.

From there, more gelato then out for dinner at a place where there was no English menu (clearly a local joint finally) and we had a lovely tapas dinner. 

Lagos to Seville

We grabbed snacks for the 8.30am bus to Seville, where I promptly fell back to sleep. 

Arrived in Seville around 2.30pm, found our hostel and thank god, it was a nice one. Really nice actually. Lovely private room with a big balcony, aircon, all the works. Black Swan Hostel. 

It was very quiet when we ventured out and we soon realised it was siesta time. We found our bearings and headed to the shops. I bought a few souvenirs, no luck finding nice leather goods as yet. 

Found this awesome place that had dairy free gelato that made the gelato into a rose shape! Addicted. I’m going to miss gelato. 

We wandered around the cathedral and went to Alcázar Castle (more Game of Thrones) looking at the mosaic, pottery and gardens. Beautiful place. Luckily for us from 6-7pm on Mondays it was free – win! 
We found a lovely spot for tapas and then went to a local flamenco spot. La Carboneria. It wasn’t easy to find, just a guard out the front. The food is shite, don’t eat there but the drinks and good and the flamenco is fantatsic. The singer was so passionate and strong, you could hear the emotion pouring out. 


We had all great intentions to get up early and make the most of the day… I woke up at 10.30. It was the best sleep is had in a LONG time. I hadn’t even had a coughing fit during the night! We went in search of a kayak tour, so glad we did! A big boat took us and our kayaks out of the marina to where the island begin. A short course in ocean kayaking around boats and waves and we were in. 

Gem and I were in a double, me in the front. What an incredible experience. We went around all the beaches and inside secret grottos and caves. The rocks or islands are huge and magnificent, all different colours. The earthquake in the 70’s changed their shapes a bit and there’s different animals you can look out for that they resemble now. 
The water is clear, a warm 26 degrees and exceptionally salty. Much saltier than other years they informed us. The salt makes patterns as it dries on my tanned skin and makes my eyebrows look like they belong to Santa Claus. Let’s not even start on what it does to your hair. It does cleanse your skin though, sanitise your wounds and clear out your sinuses though! My skin feels very soft after a swim. 

The crew were hilarious, we had a great time with them. One in particular was very cheeky, you’ll see in a selfie in our life jackets, he’s actually peeking out from in between us! He also threw me overboard twice during the swimming. 

After kayaking we got some gelato and walked around the different beaches. It’s a steep incline and then, massive sets of stairs (my legs don’t even seem to be looking any shapelier yet which is beyond me) down to the beach. We relaxed at a couple and I took some pics for my friend who has an underwear company, BiaBoro – check them out, that doubles as bikini bottoms. 
We walked back down the hills, having seriously packed our afternoon and evening after a less productive morning, to find a spot for dinner Gem had read about. A fave with locals, we ordered the clams with garlic bread (oh my life, we soaked up every last drop of that butter and garlic sauce) to start then their version of the seafood rice. We did not guess how big or wonderful the meal would be. We shouldn’t have eaten all that bread after all! 
Evening ensued more walking around the shops and markets before retiring home to bed around midnight. Off to Seville for two nights tomorrow! 
Only less than a week left. Sad face. 

Lisbon to Lagos 

I did my first ever free walking tour in the morning in Lisbon. Gemma had raved about them but I was still feeling pretty shite and worried I couldn’t keep up. Sweating bullets before we even left! 
Wild Walkers I believe the company is called, they work off tips at the end of the tour and the guy was great. Full of information about the city and insights into the minds of the Portuguese. 

That lasted about 2.5 hours, we were starving by the time we were done. The guy had told us about menu’s of the day at the restaurants, they were much cheaper and fresh each day. Luckily what we wanted to eat was on the menu of the day at the restaurant we stopped at! For just 13€ we had a starter, main, dessert and drink. 

We took a cab (no crazy driver this time unfortunately) to the bus station and just missed our 4pm bus so had to wait another hour. We thought we got in at 8 but it wasn’t until about 10pm we got into Lagos. We then had to walk for 15mins (which I wasn’t happy about) with all our luggage, across the pebbly paths which were full of people to get to our hostel. My hands were aching and I was hangry. 

The hostel… Hmmm, I felt like I had walked into a high school stoner flat. My bad, I’d booked the hostel (Hutch Hostel, please find a better one when you stay) and luckily we had a private room and didn’t intend on being around much. In the end it wasn’t that bad but I was really put off at first. 

Straight out the door for dinner we stopped at Gilberto’s restaurant and had some really average dinner. Seafood rice (meant to be a Portuguese specialty) was very liquidy, thank goodness we had already filled up on starters. Poor service too, don’t go there. 

We checked out the markets and shops in the main plaza (everything is open late in Europe) then back to our hostel ready for sleep.