Weekend Past

Another bigger weekend has just past for me!

I had the St Kilda Football Club Best and Fairest on Saturday night at the Crown Palladium which was an absolute blast. I wore a beautiful red dress and I even got a spray tan.

Two of the five that we were heading in with were late to arrive and so we had to walk in amongst nearly 1,000 people to find our table. Not ideal. However once we were seated we had a great time, I knew most of the other people on our table and Billy Longer who is now with the Saints but was with Brisbane Lions when I was there, was right by me so I spent the entire night switching tables catching up with him and meeting some of the other younger Saints players.

We went upstairs to Club 23 at Crown where there was a VIP area for guests of the club. We partied the night away and before I knew it we were on our way to Boutique in South Yarra for some more dancing. We partied on and I got home at a ridiculous time.

Saturday I spent the morning recovering then met my good friend, Lisa for a picnic in the park to enjoy some sunshine! We grabbed some sushi and coconut water and lazed around on a towel before catching the All Blacks game at mine then going to The Serve for Indian. Brilliant Indian. I retired home to watch the footy finals and for an early night.

Sunday I was quite keen to stay in but Annabelle wanted to watch the footy at the bar. We tried out three bars in Richmond before giving up and heading back to our usual Sunday spot, College Lawn. I wasn’t feeling great so only had a couple of ciders and went home early. 

Turned out not feeling great on Sunday escalated to a full blown chest infection come Monday and meant I spent the entire day in bed feeling absolutely spent on Tuesday. Now Wednesday I think I’m on the up! 











The Serve, best Indian in South Yarra!

After walking into another Indian restaurant further up Toorak Road and gagging from the smell, I decided to head back to a restaurant I had been told was the best around by my friend, Ru and her husband, Dave.

Thank goodness we did! Lisa and I ordered the butter chicken to share, two naans and a rice.

I must admit it did take a while for the food to come out but good things take time, right?

We were worried when the butter chicken came as it did look a little small but to our surprise with the naan and the rice we could barely even finish it all! Eyes bigger than our stomachs I suppose.

The naan, oh the naan! It was a damn good garlic naan. Soft and fluffy with just the right amount of garlic. Delicious.

The waiters were very attentive, looking after my always-empty water glass.

Highly recommend for when those curry cravings come along!



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Sunday Funday!

I’m a week behind in telling you about my weekend and to be honest I can’t particularly recall my entire weekend from the week before but I have photos of Sunday to jog my memory so that’s what you get!

Sunday I hosted on behalf of a client a bunch of guys at the MCG for the last St Kilda AFC game in Melbourne for the year. Now by host I mean I found them all (no idea who they were but had meeting points around MCG) then took them up to the function, introduced them to each other and made sure they had a drink and someone to chat to. By the end of the first quarter they were all set so I was set to start with the champers!

Annabelle accompanied me and I had a great time watching the footy (even though Saints lost big time) as I’m now quite familiar with a bunch of the regular guys and their wives at the functions. I actually look forward to seeing some of them now.

After footy we cabbed to my fave local, College Lawn and were immediately busy chatting to a bunch of guys.

Turned out the guy I was chatting to and the guy Annabelle had met separately were not only friends but flatmates and they were also hungry. You should know by now I’m always hungry. So we all cabbed over to St Kilda where we got a table at Topolino’s on Fitzroy Street.

We were all quite intoxicated and thought we were hilarious, although I’m sure the waitresses thought otherwise. We had a dozen oysters and a bottle of Chandon to start. Then pasta mains and we shared two desserts between the four of us.

We partied back at the boys house until 3am. One of the best nights I’ve had in a long time. Lucky none of us had to work Monday.

Actually I just remembered. Thursday I went to No.8 at Crown Casino for the St Kilda AFL Match Committee end of season dinner. I ended up at Supper Club & Siglos for cocktails and oysters afterwards.

Friday I went out to Fog with some girlfriends for champagne and we ended up trudging on to Boutique with group of people we met there. Good times and too much champagne on everyone’s behalf! Saturday was relaxed and I stayed in sat night. Brilliant.








Touche Hombre, Melbourne CBD

I was lucky enough to meet up with two friends from my very first USA trip at Touche Hombre. Lucky in two aspects, great venue and great company!

It was funny, I had never heard of the place and within about three days I heard it mentioned as many times!

You walk in and you know you’ve found something awesome. The DJ booth is blasting some mad tunes, a mix of RnB and rap, I remember Bone Thugs N’ Harmony at one point. The venue is packed, there’s a bunch of share tables and people are trying to squish in wherever they can. Really cool, intimate vibe.

We shared most of our plates, starting with the corn. Charred with lime, pecorino, mayo.. heaven in a little bowl. I love corn so I guess I’m almost bias but seriously, this stuff is great.

I’m going to be honest and say the ceviche wasn’t all I was hoping for. I’ve been spoilt in Canada and the states with this though so I’m going to let it slide as I was just as impressed to even see it on the menu.

Next up: soft shell tacos. I’m about to start drooling. I went for the soft shell crab (battered, corn puree, pea tendril, popcorn) and the Haloumi (crumbed, beetroot mayo, caramelised pear salsa) and may I tell you, if my meal had finished there I would have been full and happy. Delish!

Next up, meatballs. Yup, I was dining with a man. Men will always order meatballs. They love the…. meatiness. They came in a adobo salsa, soft polenta, mint and cilantro oil… they were pretty good.

Of course we shared a bucket of 6 Sol beers between us, it was only right! We were practically in Mexico after all.





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Hot Springs & Wine

For a girls day out, Annabelle, Ru and I road tripped along the coast to the Peninsula Hot Springs for some rest and relaxation. We are all LOL’s (Lady of Leisure) at the moment so thought we would enjoy it while it lasts!

The Hot Springs are about an hour drive out from Melbourne. Being Kiwi, I’ve been to a fair few natural hot springs in my time. These were well laid out, using the natural lay of the land to provide separation and privacy. 

We tried out most of the different pools but my fave would have to be the hottest at the very top (mainly because I enjoyed the view) and the Turkish Baths. The Turkish Baths are basically a massive sauna room shaped as an octagon. Must say the reflexology walk was quite cool too. There’s different rock shapes and sizes to stimulate the different areas of your feet. Quite Innovative.

After swanning around for hours in our towels and robes we jumped back in the car and drove to the nearest winery, The Cups Estate. Honestly, I didn’t really rate it. It’s a stunning location however I felt the wines lacked intensity. They tasted almost watered down. I was going to purchase a bottle to have with dinner but there were none that I enjoyed which was a disappointment. In saying that however, the port was lovely. The girls enjoyed the sav blanc but seeing as I am not a white wine drinker, it wasn’t up my alley. We also bought some dark chocolate from there which had a hefty price tag and was considerably average too.

All in all, well worth the trip up there! I would love to just road trip along that coast in Summer and check out all the beaches. 












Hot Yoga Trial

I’ve been a fan of hot yoga for years. Not bikram, just normal yoga practised in a room heated at 36 degrees.

Since I’ve moved to Melbourne all I seem to do is eat and drink so I figured I should do something to counter the affects of that, hot yoga it was!

I started yoga while I was in NZ then did a handful of hot yoga classes in Brisbane however it was in Canada I really started to enjoy it.

Yoga is extremely popular in Canada. You cannot go anywhere without seeing a studio. What I found great was that after the classes you’re encourage to hang around and drink tea in purpose designed tea rooms with the other yogis before you leave.

Anyway I signed up three weeks ago to One Hot Yoga on River Street in South Yarra with the intention of just trying it out. I’m pleased to say I went six times the first week, four the second and it will be four again this week. It makes me feel better (at the risk of sounding cheesy) mind, body and soul. I never knew that a tall plank would become a ‘resting’ position and I’m glad to say I am seeing results, specifically in my core. I look and feel a lot stronger.

You sweat out the toxins, you stretch your body to the limits in the heat and your breath helps you to mediate. I’m not very good at the meditating part, I find it difficult to clear my mind. Although occasionally if I turn up really early to class I’ll nearly fall asleep before the instructor starts talking!

I walk out looking like I’ve been swimming – I can’t stress to you how much you sweat in there but I feel a million bucks… Once my legs stop shaking from their work out that is.

I love the One Hot Yoga studios. Firstly I can walk there in about 7 minutes so they’re very convenient. They’re clean, with decent size change rooms and helpful instructors. What I like most though is that the mats are already in the studio. So all you need to bring is your towel and water – easy.

I also love their app. I book all my classes on there and can see my yoga history. I find it really useful, they’re a busy studio and the classes will fill so it allows you to see which ones are free and which instructors are taking them.

I have a funny story for you. The other day I was feeling really tired but decide I would go to class anyway. I shouldn’t have. I was struggling with the poses from exhaustion. When I put my leg up in three legged dog I managed I kick the bowl on the heater scaring the absolute crap out of all my fellow class and then it fell on my mat. The obvious thing for me to do was clean it up with my towel however then I got a whiff if it as realised it wasn’t water, it was oil. My mat and towel were now covered in oil and the class were still in shock. I was mortified! And I couldn’t even wipe the sweat from my face as my towel was now drenched in oil!
Note to self: upon feeling exhausted, do not attempt to practise yoga.




Mid August Weekend Shenenigans

I still can’t believe how fast the year is flying by!

Friday night I had my lovely friend Lisa over for dinner. I made her a green veggie stir fry with veal stuffed with mushrooms and crumbed. She bought the wine. We make a great pair.

We went out on Chapel, trying my new favourite first, Katuk. I think I prefer Katuk during the week though. On the weekends it is really busy and there’s a lot of manipulating required to find somewhere to sit down. Next up we cabbed over to Cuba Cabana (or something? It’s on Greville) to meet a friend of mine. As it turned out there was a birthday party for someone from my home town at the venue so there were a few others I knew there too! Lisa got bored quickly though so we were on the hunt again, this time for somewhere to dance. Pawn & Co was dead, a short stroll found us at Temperance then we gave up and went home.

Saturday morning I went to Liar Liar in Hawthorn for brunch and it was hands down delish. Go there.

Lisa, Cheena and I went on a little adventure to Lysterfield Park/ Lake where we took some ridic selfies with kangaroos. Yep, look closely between our heads and you’ll find it!

The lake wasn’t actually as picturesque as I had expected, although it was nice to walk through the woods for 1.5 hours and get some fresh air. After Liar Liar there was no room for the bacon and egg pie I baked the night before for a picnic though!

Saturday evening Annabelle and I rushed around and made it to the Lions v Pies game for the 2nd quarter. I’m surprised we actually made it that early, we hadn’t even grabbed the tickets from the hotel 10mins before bounce!

The game was freaking fantastic. Being an avid Lions fan, it was super exciting to watch them kick the Pies butt!! Much jumping and yelling was had. And Champagne. After the game we raced home then met some of the boys at Eve for a post match drink, I hadn’t seen many of them for a year or so.

On a side note, what the frick happened with the Bledisloe Cup?! I was watching the AFL game at the time so was grabbing snippets from Twitter and the bar TV on the breaks. Disappointing.

So I got home at stupid o’clock and spent Sunday just chilling out knowing full well I had to be up and out for a Sunday session at College Lawn in Prahan with Nikita and Annabelle at around 5pm.

Come the time I got there I was delirious with tiredness. I was just laughing at everything and having issues with my vocabulary and putting my sentences together after one pint of cider so I gave up, ordered a leek and pumpkin risotto with gorgonzola and settled in for a sober evening.

In a stroke of absolute brilliance (Nikita found it mortifying) all three of us rocked up in ripped jeans to the pub!

Around 11, Annabelle and I headed off, stopping at a Japanese joint on Chapel for some sushi, noodles and miso.

Another huge weekend, loved it!









Liar Liar, Hawthorn

A friend of mine took me to Liar Liar in Hawthorn. I hadn’t even had time to look it up. I had no idea just how good it was going to be!

There was a ten minute wait to get in but there were puppies outside to play with so no problems there.

We were ushered in to a table and the first thing I see is this amazing avocado dish making its way across the floor to a lucky patron. I knew there and then that was what I would be ordering.

Our server was absolutely delightful. He looked so happy just to be there and was smiling and joking the whole time while being attentive. If I opened a cafe, I would poach him.

Anyway I ordered a Purple Sunrise Juice, fresh carrot, beetroot, celery, apple and ginger. Just what I crave after a night out to attempt to feel human again. It was delicious.

Of course I ordered the Smashed Avocado ($17) –  Feta, Avocado Smash + Maple Glazed Bacon + Two Poached Eggs + Sourdough Toast + Dukkah.

I can not tell you how phenomenal this combination is. The sourness of the feta mixes with the sweetness of the maple. It’s the maple that makes the dish. I highly recommend.

I couldn’t even eat it all but I didn’t want to waste it so I ended up scraping the delicious mix off the toast. Yum.

Go there. Try it. Then thank me.

You’re welcome.






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Dragon’s Loyalty Award

I’ve been nominated for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award. Not entirely sure what that means but here is the process of accepting this award:

Thanking the blogger who nominated you: Thanks to Munky from Munky’s Blog

Adding the Dragon’s Loyalty Award logo: Done.


Posting seven random facts about you:

I don’t particularly like writing random facts about myself… but here goes:

  1. I freaking LOVE cows. I miss my farm and the cows everyday. 
  2. I’m an adrenalin junkie. I love jumping out of planes, off bridges and activities that give you that great rush.
  3. Vegemite sandwiches in the microwave are my fave comfort food. I swear my Mum must have shoved these down my throat when I cried or was ill as it’s all I crave when I am! Specific rules though: bread must be fresh, no marge or butter, thin spread Vegemite, folded in half vertically and in microwave 1-15 seconds. Nom.
  4. I’m addicted to my phone. Whether I’m messaging, emailing, reading the news, writing blogs, tweeting or taking pictures, it’s an extension of my arm. I am very aware of it though and always put it down for conversations, at dinners etc. 
  5. I am a total commitment phobe. I run the other way. Relationships, leases, contracts – they all scare me. I’m trying to counter this at the moment… Stay tuned. I should hopefully have a job that I will stay in long term soon, I will sign a lease, sign a gym / hot yoga contract and potentially even buy an apartment! Eep!
  6. I love to cook. People often mistake this, presuming I’m a good cook. I’m not any kind of culinary chef, I just generally enjoy being in the kitchen. Pinterest is my fave place to find recipes and you can find all the ones I love HERE.
  7. I want to learn to speak Italian. I adore their food and lifestyle and land. I speak and read basic French so I can already understand a little, I just need to learn the basics, I love learning.

That actually wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be! 

Nominating 10 bloggers:

I read a really wide selection of blogs. Some here are my personal friends and others I just like to tune in to!

  1. Jessica & Love
  2. Meals & Reels
  3. Travelling Foodies
  4. Janaline’s World Journey
  5. Kiss me out of desire
  6. Cookie Jen
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