Work Do & an Evacuation

Another massive weekend down, it’s times like this I really appreciate my bed and beautiful new cushions to snuggle up to.

Friday I had my work do. I had a blast! I work with an amazing group of people and we partied the night away. I think everyone else had a great time too which is lucky as I organized it.

Saturday I woke up at the break of dawn – I can’t seem to sleep in anymore. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m back in QLD where it’s hot and sunny or if it’s because I’m getting old? Anyway I wasn’t particularly happy about after only going to bed at 2am the night before.

I encouraged Jay to come over and take me for brunch, we found a great place in Hawthorn and I’m sure if there was a game called ‘spot the hungover idiots’ everyone at the venue would have been a winner. We were giggling and drinking water like there was no tomorrow then all but fell asleep at the table waiting for our meals!

Back at home I tried to nap but had no luck before my lovely friend, Lauren, arrived for the weekend.

I took her to my fave sushi shop, kotobuki for lunch then a drive around Brisbane, stopping at South Bank for a wander. I forget how beautiful it is down there. I also forget how many people there are visiting on the weekend and how crap parking can be.

We met our school friend Trish at hers and the girls had some drinks. We wanted to check out Jamie Oliver’s new restaurant, Jamie’s Italian, which had recently opened in Brisbane city. Long story short is – we did, it was pretty good and then we got evacuated. Smoke, sirens, fire trucks, the lot. It was rather amusing.

The girls wanted some drinks so we kicked on to Black Bird & Alfred & Constance then McDonalds. I was exhausted and couldn’t wait to hit the sack as I knew we were getting up early for yoga at Limes.

7.30am we were up and off to a friend of Lauren’s in Kangaroo Point for fruit on the balcony. Yoga at Limes Hotel was lovely, we practiced in the rooftop then joined the girls for a coffee next door.

We went to Raw Paw Paw for lunch where I was quite disappointed to be honest. I was supposed to have a Sunday session afterwards with Jay but I was exhausted and cancelled.

My friend Kim called to say our friend Sophie had a little accident in Noosa and a ride in the ambulance after spraining a ligament so I went over and cooked them both dinner.

Sleep time! Night y’all!





New Sing Sing, Woolloongabba

By now you should all know that I love pho. Out of coincidence, Jay and I found New Sing Sing in Woolloongabba last week and stopped for lunch.

Of course I ordered the pho, Jay did too. It came out with all the usual accompaniments and quite quickly but the staff seemed very disinterested.

The broth was lovely and it was a lovely soup for $9.90.

When we went to leave I paid cash and Jay went to pay by card however there was a minimum of $10. The waitress couldn’t add my bill to hers to give her my cash and wouldn’t just charge her 10c more to make the $10 so Jay had to buy a bottle of water. It was rather unnecessary!



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Vietnamese Mint, Morningside

I’d heard it was some of the best pho in Brisbane so I had to check it out!

I had the beef pho, of course, and Jay had the lemongrass chicken salad.

Pho was delicious, a rich broth and all the usual fillings, beautiful in every way.

Jay’s salad was huge but she let me know it tasted great in between mouthfuls.

Unfortunately they were out of coconut juice so I just went with water

Best pho in Brisbane? Can’t say I’ve had enough back here yet to say yay or nay but I’d certainly go back any day!



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Mini Auckland break

The whole reason I initially booked flights back to NZ was to attend the Justin Timberlake concert with my brothers. I was lucky enough to extend my trip and fly home to the rest of my family as well as spend some time with friends along the way!

I spent the first time with Alescha, Laura & Mark and my God daughter, Cadence which was great as I don’t get to see them enough! I even went to Cadey’s swimming lesson where I was more than happy to stay and watch after seeing her gorgeous instructor. He was so sweet with the kids and his Tshirt was clinging in all the right places.

My brothers flew in and I’d tricked them saying that I’d booked a fancy hotel when I’d really booked the Skycity casino. They didn’t even believe me when I checked in and told them we had been upgraded!

Funniest part of the trip, hands down was Daniel attempting to eat chicken feet and gagging in the restaurant. Even the staff were having a giggle!

We had an amazing dessert at a Japanese restaurant and some umeshu wine to try shake off the horrible feeling Dan had from the chicken legs!

The next day we checked out Auckland Art gallery and their light exhibition. Was cool to see that they had some social interactions too. Worth a look if you’re in Auckland!

That night we stayed at the Pullman and walked to Vector Arena for JT. The DJ did a good job to hype the crowd up and everyone was amped. Of course, being NZ, I walked straight into a mate from home!

JT put on an awesome show. Dan, Luke and I danced and sang the whole time. He is an incredible performer and had amazing graphics and stage productions to go with it!

After the show the boys and I chilled back at the hotel and quickly realised the whole crew from the concert plus JT were staying at the same hotel! We spent ages watching crowds of them disappearing into the elevators with glasses and bottles of wine. Wish I got an invite!

Dan had a chat with one of the guys in the crew, he was saying they ha the next day off – hence the partying!

We flew back to welly the next day, some awesome memories made!





















What a week!

I arrived in Brisbane on Sunday and started work on Monday. It’s been an absolute whirlwind but I like life like that.

After watching the rugby in Wellington until 1am Sunday morning, having to be up 3 hours later for check in, a late taxi that had me worried I’d miss my flight, then upon arrival at the airport finding out the check in system was down and they were checking us in manually which would take 3-4times as long as usual, I was so damn happy to be in my tiny seat on the plane so I could get some rest!

When I arrived my best mate Benny told me to grab the train and meet him in the city for brunch. We hadn’t seen each other for 18 months and I couldn’t have been more excited. I was heading up to the train station talking to Ben on the phone arranging where to meet when I realised he was actually behind me on the escalator! I actually screamed, not often someone can get that reaction out of me!

Sunday was crazy, we had brunch in Hamilton, chocolate in Bulimba then my friends left the wrong key out for me so I couldn’t get in with my luggage. Luckily Ben could take me along for a lovely lunch with his Aunt & Uncle before dropping me off to see Lisa. Lisa and I visited Daran then she dropped me at the Eat Street night markets where I finally met Celia and Gemma and they took me back home so I could unpack. I was exhausted but looking forward to starting my new job the next day.

This week has been crazy.

First off, I hate public transport. The buses don’t come, I can never work out where I am or where I’m going and there’s no app! Get on it Translink. So I’ve had a few near misses this week, luckily I’ve been saved each time. I cannot wait to get a car!!

Secondly, my clothes didn’t arrive from Melbourne last week. What the?! Cue a rush around in NZ to buy a weeks worth of clothes and shoes as I was travelling with a carry on!
I was not a happy chappy with that company but they got it sorted and they arrived on Tues evening.

I am loving my new role. The Team is great and everyone is so happy to be there. I have a big office and the building itself is fantastic.

I managed to fit in dinner with Ara but otherwise I have been getting home after a 90 minute commute and crashing as I’m exhausted after a massive week. Next week will be different however, I am seeing people every night – wish me luck with the public transport!



What’s happening?!

Sooo a few thing have happened of late, hence my absence.

Firstly, I got a new job! Yay me! After looking for months it’s easily the one I wanted the most and I think suits me the most. Super excited to start on Monday.

Secondly, new job is in Brisbane – so I’m moving! Four days notice to move interstate is not easy. My luggage was supposed to be picked up on Monday and seeing as tomorrow is Thursday, I’m not holding my breath for a swift arrival.

Thirdly, yes four days! Seeing as I had a trip booked to go to the Justin Timberlake concert with my brothers in Auckland I decided to extend my trip and see my family in NZ before I start working full time again and have limited leave available.

Fourth, I’m in NZ. You may have gathered that from above but I’m at home and making the most of being with my family instead of telling you lot about my life. This leads me to why I’m blogging at nearly 1am in bed..

Further explanations to come soon :)




Weekend combo update

I’m wayyyy behind on my weekend updates. And by wayyyy behind, I mean the last two. So you’re getting a combo. That’s right, two weekends, one blog post! Boom!

So the weekend before last began with dinner at Matteo’s in Fitzroy. Awesome place, I highly recommend going there. Not only was dinner fantastic but Matteo himself joined us for a quick drink after our fantastic meal. Next thing you know it’s 2am! We had some others join us and Matteo shut the restaurant while we all kicked back and enjoyed the company. We had a fantastic time! Afterwards we headed to St Kilda for a boogie then home to bed. Late. Or early.

Saturday was the AFL grand final. My first grand final in Australia! I’ve always been out of the country, it was great to enjoy the festivities in Melbourne. I met the girls at Holliva in Richmond where we drank a few jugs of punch and smashed some pork (on a spit!!) burgers. We cabbed to South bank and watched the flocks of fans past by from a restaurant patio. An early evening was had after the big night before!

Sunday, Fred & Sammy picked me up for brunch but it was so late (2pm) we had to have the lunch menu at Phamish in St Kilda. Lunch was long and we wandered down to Riva to watch the sunset and have some cocktails and snacks. That turned into dinner at the Pier Port Melbourne. There goes Sunday! But what a great way to spend it.

Last weekend was much quieter. Lisa and I chilled Friday night and met Cheena for a cabaret in Port Melbourne. It was part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival and involved a variety of acts. My fave was the silks performer. The girl was stunning and I was in awe of her aerial skills. We hit the beach… Well, the pier in Port Melbourne and just lay down to watch the clouds and pass time after lunch.

Saturday night we headed out in Fitzroy but it wasn’t really for us. I did however find an amazing cocktail at the Alchemist. It literally came with a shot of crackle lollies!! The ones that pop in your mouth. The alchemist wins cocktails.

Sunday was brunch at Einsteins Relative in South Yarra where I’ve also been meaning to go for ages. Fantastic brunch menu and almond milk – whoop! We explored Fitzroy markets and shops afterwards then crashed at home, exhausted from another weekend





















Hunky Dory, Port Melbourne

Couldn’t decide what to have for dinner tonight until I had a look on Urban Spoon and found the Hunky Dory menu.

The Caribbean caught my eye immediately. Mango & fish, yes please!

We didn’t get there until 9pm and I was starving! I actually couldn’t think properly I was so hungry.

First up, great tunes. I danced the entire time I was there. Secondly it was packed the whole time, always a good sign. Thirdly, lovely staff – and we hadn’t even ordered yet!

The guy at the counter read my mind when he suggested a glass of wine. A beautiful pinot noir, It was all I could do not to drink it all before my meal arrived.

When my meal did arrive I couldn’t believe how big it was! Two massive fillets of grilled fish topped with a mango salsa, huge serving of spinach salad and chips!

The fish was absolutely cooked to perfection. It melted in my mouth. I was full but I still kept eating. Perfect.

Chips were good, not fantastic and salad was basic but a great with the fish.





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Pier Port Melbourne

After a great day roaming St Kilda, Fred, Sam and I finally made it to The Pier in Port Melbourne. We’ve been meaning to make it there for months now!

I ordered an amazing cocktail, aย strawberry & chilli caipirinha. I can’t describe to you what it tastes like.. Lolly like but not sickening sweet. Cachaca, strawberries, chilli, sugar & lime. Very unusual and definitely worth a go!

Entrees were oysters (yes I adore them, leave me alone) and a cucumber and tomato salad.

The owner, who is a lovely man, suggested we order the calamari salad and the meatball pasta. He should know, right?! So of course we ordered them both to share.

For the main I had the char grilled aged eye fillet, Sammy had the pan fried barramundi and Fred admitted food overload (our third meal out that day) and stuck to the sides!

I think I ate half the the meatball pasta on my own. It was not what I expected, it was a thousand times better. Beef meatballs with orecchiette, kale & pinenuts. Give it a whirl!

My steak was perfectly rare and the owner sent over a bottle of Pinot noir (Rabbit Ranch) that washed it all down just nicely. We had a lovely and attentive server too.

These pictures aren’t great, but their website is! Check is out HERE.






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Phamish, St Kilda

It all started with brunch. Somehow it ended up as lunch.

We missed the brunch menu as they had sold out of everything. Nothing left. It was 2pm but I’ll definitely have to try it. It’s either a sign that it’s awesome or poor inventory management. Let’s hope it’s the former.

Bloody Mary and champagne all round to begin.

I was left to do the ordering for the table. I love it when people let me pick!

I chose:

  • Natural oysters with shallot and red wine vinergarette
  • House made dips and sesame bread
  • Cheese board for two with the blue & Camembert
  • Porcini and pecorino arancini with truffle oil
  • Grilled haloumi with lemon
  • Middle eastern lamb cigars with yoghurt tahini
  • Pan fried prawn salad with eggplant and pearl cous cous

The food was delightful however I can’t say the waiters were very attentive.







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