B’Stilla, South Yarra

I can’t even begin to tell you how good the food is here.

Ru, Annabelle, Freddie and I walked down and started with some great cocktails. We unfortunatly booked late so we were stuck with a high table outside but it wasn’t too bad as we were right under the heater.

B’stilla is a share plate venue, with the best Moroccan food you’ve tried!

We shared the following:

  • B’stilla – duck & chicken pie, almond, cinnamon, saffron
  • D’jemma el F’na – potato, brioche, saffron, egg, harissa
  • Lamb shish, piquillo, anchovy, chilli
  • Mechoui- Lamb shoulder, honey baked prunes
  • Quinoa, zucchini, mint, almond, preserved lemon
  • Tangier Bbq’d octopus, tahini remoulade, eggplant

I can especially recommend the lamb shoulder, it literally melted in my mouth. We also had some kind of eggplant salad which I really enjoyed too but couldn’t find on the menu on the website.












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Weekend rendezvous

I had the flu during the week, it absolutely rolled me so I decided to try lay low at least a little. It was tough, seeing as I’m still new to Melbourne I just wana be out checking everything there is to do around the place.

Friday I had a lovely date, we went to Gazi in the city then for a big walk and coffee at Brunetti’s before I was dropped home. 

Saturday I caught up on some sleep (flu still lingering) and went for a walk. I had Adam and Sally’s house warming party in Elwood (where I managed to get lost and freak myself out in the suburbs) then I cabbed over to Sophie’s birthday party in St Kilda. It was funny actually, a bunch of people I went to school with and knew from my home town all over here. About 2am I headed to Chapel St and met Nikita at Pawn & co. I’d barely drunk so after brushing off a bunch of very drunk men in suits I made my way home. 

Sunday I kept with my ritual – a walk, strawberries and coconut water then a 30 minute massage – amazing. I love those little ladies in the Como centre. 


A fleeting weekend

Another weekend in Melbourne has absolutely flown by.

I was so busy, just the way I like it.

Friday started off at B’stilla, an incredible Moroccan restaurant in South Yarra with some friends followed by some bar exploring in St Kilda and a KFC trip on the way home.

Saturday I was up early to attend in auction in St Kilda, followed by an amazing brunch at Hawk & Hunter Small Batch and then onto the St Kilda v Freo game in a box suite. Saints won which was super exciting! We went down for briefing in the inner sanctum before the game and then went down in the rooms to watch the boys sing the song. Afterwards it was on to The Emerson to celebrate with our new friends from the box and some of the players. Great night.

Sunday was recovery day, I’ve started a ritual of going for a walk then getting a massage, strawberries and coconut water.







Hawk & Hunter Small Batch

This was an awesome find!

I was in St Kilda for an auction and starving, this was the closest place we could find and it was hands down delightful.

The interior is great to start with. All different mediums on the walls and lots of communal dining.

We were in a hurry and our food came fast. I had the corn and zucchini fritters were smashed avocado, feta and a poached egg paired with a freshly squeezed orange and passionfruit juice. Perfect. My only note would be that the egg yolk could have been runnier but still one of my fave brunches so far!

My friends enjoyed their meals, one a salad and the other a prawn dish. I can’t wait to go there again and try them both along with most of the rest of the menu!

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Rococo, Hawthorn, Melbourne

I’m seriously going to have to up my work out routine in this city! All this amazing Italian food, I can’t help but visit and stuff myself full of pasta!

Last night out coffee didn’t cut it so we continued on to Rococo in Hawthorne. Is heard the rumours this place was good, but wow.

Starting with cocktails (arguably the most important) I let the waitress choose for me and was delivered a apple and passion fruit mojito. Very sweet but very good.

For our starter the three of us shared the char grilled calamari, with a dash of fresh lemon and I followed that with the spaghetti with char grilled seafood in a lemon and garlic olive oil. It was absolutely devine. I can not fault it and my biggest issue was deciding when to stop eating as I was considerably full!!

I couldn’t possibly fit dessert but my friend ordered the affogato from which I stole a cookie and to my delight it was amaretto flavoured! 20140717-155506-57306011.jpg



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Thirty Eight Chairs

Want great Italian, an intimate atmosphere and some of the friendliest waiters around? This is your place.

I’ve been twice to Thirty Eight Chairs lately and each time it’s wowed me. Not just the food but also how great the service is. You know a place is good when the staff are greeting half the customers by name.

It’s a cozy, intimate atmosphere. Low lighting, smaller venue and it’s bustling.

Each time we have had wonderful waiters, they look after you and help you with your meal choice.

On my first visit I had a scallop and asparagus risotto, it was perfectly cooked and the scallops were melting in my mouth. Lisa had the pasta of the day and Ru had the gnocchi; couldn’t fault any of them.

On my second visit I had the fettuccine, which was with smoked aubergine, crabmeat, langoustine and tropea onion. I was practically sighing with happiness. We also shared some starters – the pork belly, wag you bresaola, scallops and caprese, all of which, again were incredible.

Both time I had the house red, it’s Italian and went well with my meal.

You’ll find it’s just off Chapel Street on Bond Street in South Yarra.

Ps. Pics reflect the mood lighting in there! Couldn’t bring myself to use flash.



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Productive Days

Kicked a bunch of goals today!

Started the day with a jog. I found a great running spot down by the river and some fields not far from where I live. I came across a wicked playlist that got me really motivated and pushing myself, amazing how much harder a good beat can make you work.

I got a bunch of work done for CEFA & completed a website audit for a friend then a strategy for social media for her new business.

I had three calls for promising jobs, I should have interviews for all of them in the next week or so.

I cooked hoki fish fillets (Wollies do this awesome thing here where you can choose a marinade and they seal your fish in a foil bake bag for free – brilliant) and a veggie stir fry for dinner then a dessert date at San Churros!

So much sugar, I shared the churros and tried a thick, mint hot chocolate. Doubt I will be drifting off to sleep for a while!



Melbourne Meddling

It’s been a big weekend!

There’s so much nightlife to check out in Melbourne so it would be rude not to check it out.

Friday was supposed to be dinner and drinks. We started at Thirty Eight Chairs (fave new Italian place) then on to Fog for a drink. Next thing I know I’ve been carted off to The Carlton in the city with Nikita. Come 3am I headed back to South Yarra to Boutique where I stayed until close then cabbed back via Hungry Jacks.

Saturday was quite a write off, for most of the day I just chilled with Ru & Dave in between sleeping.

I couldn’t decide whether to head out however after a stream of calls I was persuaded to get dressed. Next thing I know I’m on my way to The Richmond Hotel. Upstairs was packed so after a while Nikita and I went to Motel (club in South Melbourne) to meet some friends of hers.

Fast forward a few hours and we had ordered room service at Crown Hotel. I realised the time and cabbed home to steal some sleep before brunch.

Brunch never eventuated however and instead I went for a huge walk in the sun. Melbourne is rarely throwing out the vitamin D at the moment so I sat down and just enjoyed it. I then had a quick massage, lunch and headed home to try nap.

Been a big weekend, I don’t intend on doing that again very soon.

And would you believe, after all that I didn’t even take any photos. Need to up my game!